International Café

international cafeGod has a heart for the young adults in Constanța and wants to lift them up to do bigger and better things! They carry the potential to bring transformation to the different spheres of society. The International Café is about creating a space where the young adults in Constanta can thrive; where they can learn and grow, and experience the love and acceptance of the kingdom of God. The heart of this ministry is to form a community of young adults who can support and impact each other, and together they can begin the journey towards knowing God and joining His kingdom. As staff we are dedicated to lifting them up and directing them towards the presence of God. We offer a space where young people can experience other cultures, learn new skills, and explore their interests and talents. The Café serves coffee and milkshakes and other delicious drinks. We offer workshops run by talented and motivated people from all over the world, and we host a variety of cultural and artistic events.

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