Will & Holly Desouza

Will & Holly

Will is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and grew up in the USA. Holly is from Pennsylvania, USA. Will did his DTS in 2005 in Pittsburgh, PA, travelling on outreach to Thailand and India. Holly took her DTS a year later in 2006 in Pittsburgh and went to Argentina, Chile, and Peru.They met on a short trip to Mozambique, Africa and have been married since September 27th, 2008. Kaylee joined them in December of 2011 and Hannah in May of 2014. They love being parents and have lots of fun with the girls.

Will and Holly love to travel and have volunteered with YWAM in many locations around the world. They have a heart for children, teens and youth ministries. They would like to encourage people in Romania to live their full potential in Christ, having a passion for God and His heart for the lost. They like to hang out with friends, go to coffee houses, watch movies, and be part of fun events wherever they are.

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